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A Simple Skincare Routine for Beginners

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Retinols, Alpha-hydoxy acids, hydroquinone, kojic acid - the world of cosmeceuticals can be a confusing place even for the seasoned buyer! Not to worry, we are here to make things simpler for you so that you can achieve healthy and glowing skin without the frustration of researching a million products.

Our skin loves to be pampered, however, we do not need a cabinet full of products to keep it happy especially when you are just starting out. That being said, it is important to ensure that you invest in high quality products (browsing drug store isles is a no no!) and monthly in-clinic treatments to really see results and reverse any signs of aging and poor skin health. In addition to that, ensure you have the following skincare staples available for daily use:

1. Cleanser

Cleansing twice daily (morning and night) is vital for keeping you skin healthy and preventing disease. Cleansers remove make-up dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other pollutants from the skin and eliminates micro-organisms potentially improving the barrier function of the skin (enhancing skin health). Regular cleansing of the skin also encourages new skin cell growth which will make your skin glow and helps to prevent blackheads and acne.

2. Antioxidant serum

Serums are gel-like solutions with high concentrations of active ingredients that can be absorbed quickly and deep into the skin due to their small particles. Antioxidant serums are perfect for all skin types and can treat a multitude of skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dryness. They do this by calming inflammation (the precursor to every skin problem) caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. In other words, they prevent damage to our cells. You'll definitely want this superhero in your skincare collection!

3. Moisturiser

Moisturisers not only treat dryness but can improve the texture or quality of the skin and provide sun protection. They help keep the skin healthy so it can function effectively as a barrier. With an array of scientific evidence to support the regular use of moisturiser, you'll want to invest in a bottle or two.

4. Sunscreen

Last but not least! This is one item that any health professional worth their weight will agree needs to be an essential part of your daily skincare routine. Sunscreen protect your from harsh radiation from the sun (specifically UVA and UVB rays) which is responsible for sunburn and about 80-90% of skin problems we associate with aging - fine lines, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and pigmentation. Sunscreen is your best protection against premature aging nothing else even comes close!

There you have it! Four skincare essentials to get you started on the path to radiant skin. To purchase any of these products please visit our online shop.


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